Tribing Up

I was describing a relationship the other day.

“I really love and care about this person and I know they care about me.  But if the apocalypse came and I got to choose who to rebuild civilization with, I wouldn’t pick her for my…”

At this point,  the light came on.  This is what a tribe is.

(And that my imagination is apt to run away with me at any point.  If I am in charge of rebuilding civilization, our problems may be larger than just the apocalypse.)

I absolutely hate catch phrases.

Remember “Paradigm Shift”?  Ick.

I guess that makes me lucky not to work in an office of any size.

I digress.

There’s a difference between loving someone and needing them in your life when you need someone you can trust.  When you need someone whose strengths and weaknesses complement yours.  With whom you can march forward, encouraging and pulling each other towards your respective goals. (If you hear sirens, it’s because the Grammar Police are coming to lock me up.)

Tribe gets used all in a business-y sense.

It wasn’t there first.  It was real life first.

There’s my actual Native American tribe.

My family tribe.

My high school tribe.

My adulthood tribe.  Interesting.

The other day, this took place in a matter of just a couple of minutes.  I realized there is a huge difference in the relationships that I have to have to survive and be safe and create a life worth living, and those I love, but I feel secure in the knowledge they wouldn’t choose me either.

I have a little work to do in maintaining some of these relationships. But now, I have a sense of freedom to work on those without worrying about a thousand acquaintances.

I feel like this is something I should have figured out a long time ago.









  1. Love your words. I think I am behind on these things too. I am just glad that I am still learning.

  2. This is good. Really good.

    Never really thought about the different “tribes” in my life. There are several now that I stop and think. Probably a few that need a little babying here and there, too.

    This is really thought-provoking, Maggie. Now you’ve got me looking at people and areas of my life I kinda pushed to the back.

    Sad that it took reading a blog to do that, huh? You’re fabulous.

  3. Those people? I normally cut them out. That makes me a bad person doesn’t it?

    • No, it’s probably what keeps you centered and sane. Because you aren’t worried about everybody and their pet horse.

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