Trying to be Super Proud in the Middle of All This Tired.

Things are beginning to wind down at Friday School.  The first semester was orderly and I had no schedule. This semester has been a series of exceptions until the second to last class meeting sneaked up on us all.

Yesterday, we went to the beauty college to get the hair straightened. Always a treat. Because yesterday was the Spring Concert.

Yes, that’s right.

And since I am consciously trying not to complain, but newly aware that I do it so much, I don’t even hear complaining, you may not hear the whole story.

Unless you beg.

At any rate, (see footnotes if you are following The Hotson Report)

The instrumental ensemble began to play the prelude at 6:30.  Several people we know played.  The choir took the stage at 7:00.

On the plus side (the only side I have left…it’s so good to only have to work one side):

It started on time.

There were enough songs that it was worthwhile to go, but little kids weren’t going insane with boredom.  It was the perfect length.

The selections were challenging for the performers.  It wasn’t perfect, but it also wasn’t dumbed down.  Some of the performers are serious about their music and it showed.

The girls were selected to sing a little short duet within a song.  They killed.

(Not to replace complaining with bragging at all.)

We got in the car at 9:00 p.m. (NINE!)

Went to the Mexican restaurant when everyone else was going to Ruby Tuesdays.  I know.  But it was quiet and we were probably home and out of the uncomfortable shoes before the rest of those folks got served.

Plus it gave us some of the most important family time we’ve had in months.  The girls were not selected for next year’s vocal ensemble.  Based on what we heard last night, our position is that there may have been some confusion in the process.  Making it and deserving it are not the same thing.  We needed to tell them that.

We wouldn’t trade that for a million opportunities to sit in a Ruby’s with 40 teens.



HOTSON REPORT :he seems jealous of their guy friend, and came over and acted weird at the lunch hour.  The girls are over him, because it sunk in that if he has 1000 girls’ numbers in his phone and sings, “Baby” to everyone, and the majority of his fb pics are with gals, you aren’t necessarily special.  So, in a weird way, it’s over, but it’s not. I still hear how beautiful he looks in whatever color he’s wearing today. Every time they see him.






  1. Bragging is totally ok and I do think this is something to brag about!

    And I like that: Making it and deserving it are not the same thing.

    I can apply that to quite a bit in life.

  2. Ah, the school concert. Always a challenge.

    And Mexican food? My favorite!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great rest of the weekend!

    🙂 Anna

  3. Bragging is a mother’s inherent right. So is complaining.

    Oh yes, making it and deserving it are two TOTALLY different things. Especially in a smaller environment. They just need to know that the people that “make it” now don’t always go on to “make it” later. I’m sure you know what I mean.

  4. I would have gone to a different restaurant too. Much better to have some family time than hang out with a bunch of other kids.

    • Maggie says:

      Yeah, and we found out they didn’t get their food until 11. Puh. I was belching in my sleep at 11.

  5. I agree with Jennifer ~ bragging is a mother’s inherent right … so keep on doing it! And y’all got to spend time together, eating my favorite food … Mexican. Sounds like a very fun night!

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