Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday night is back. With its length, its sort of sadness. The realization that another week of your life is passed…never to return. And 30 hours until bedtime.

We kind of played it low key Friday night, because Saturday was going to be huge.

We have a friend who has been in sports radio for a long time here in town and he got the WHOLE FAMILY TICKETS TO THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME. I couldn’t go, as I am about to tell you, so Mickey and the kids found a family who looked like they may have needed it, and gave them the tickets. That’s what Tony told us to do, and dad to dad, to dad…it was edifying to be able to help someone share something sweet.

~Okay, I had to take a little break and watch a segment of 60 Minutes. Tonight, Andy Rooney will appear for the last time. I have been a fan since I was 10 and my mom invited me to come here for a minute and watch him. Just the other week, I realized I hear him when I write certain kinds of posts. I’ll miss him.~

The reason I didn’t go the game is that I went to the 2011 ICEA Regional Day Conference which took place right here in town. My mentor had an extra ticket and gave it to me. Y’all. Oh my gosh. I learned a lot. I am fired up with excitement about being a doula and being involved with this community. Oh. You’ll be hearing all about it. It was so good. Lots of learning, belonging, and being in the presence of SO MUCH GREATNESS.

I’m looking forward to a new week.  I’m really sleepy. 


  1. I'm so glad you missed the game because of something rewarding. You need that.

  2. Aw, I didn't know Andy Rooney was leaving 60 Minutes. Been watching him since I was a kid too though I don't often watch much anymore. I would have tuned in had I known.

  3. Wow! How awesome for you! And what an awesome gift to give another family 🙂

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