Welcome, Spring.

Dear Miss Pollen,
Thank you for bringing us the dogwoods and the redbuds and the oaks, pears, and maples.  Thank you for cooperating with the bees. The car wash guy thanks you, and the allergist thanks you. We are so grateful for all the hard work and provision.  I look forward to getting plowed on Zyrtec.  My friends look forward to that as well.  They think it’s funny.  I don’t really.
Can’t wait until next year.
Maggie S.


  1. Ugh. Alleriges are the worst. They make me want to perform an at- home, DIY, removal of my entire sinus cavity.

  2. JDaniel is struggling with all the pollen. He takes in meds and stays inside most of the day. Just walking from the car to the grocery store seems too much some days.

  3. I pretty much stay on Zyrtec all the time.

  4. I had allergy testing done last year…because I have an unexplained swelled up lip and I discovered a allergy to Kentucky Blue Grass.

    So weird because I never feel weird around grass.

  5. The pollen has been so bad!

  6. I wrote the same letter to her. She hasn't been so bad down south this year. Not yet, anyway. I hope she stays that way.

  7. Oh my! I'm sneezing just looking at it!

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