What We Learned on #GivingTuesday

We did it, Y’all.

We learned a lot.

learning a lot

And my kids and I learned what it meant to get out in the community and participate!

Reluctantly?  At first.  A little.  Until they figured out what was going on.

I gotta be honest.  I am honored to be included by Mom It Forward.  Their gals are Super Sauce.

I absolutely loved being on the front of an event.  I found myself telling people about #GivingTuesday for the very first time.

I stewed about how to give and which agencies to participate with.  In a five mile radius of my home are more than a dozen agencies I know about that could use a helping hand.


For the official event, agencies had to be 501(c)3.

What I learned in my area is that agencies are multi-faceted and contributions in one area may not qualify but in another area would be okay.

Some of the organizations that are making the biggest impact on vocational rehabilitation for people who have been homeless in my community, for example, are “for profit” because they use real-life businesses to train people for a trade.

Suffice to say, “It’s Complicated.”

In the end, we decided, we had to just get out there and share the love.

One of our neighbors receives Mobile Meals.  I had been wondering how to get in touch with them, when one of their delivery vehicles merged in front of me in traffic.  My “Shotgun Secretary” dialed them, and Alison invited us right over.

Click on photo to give Mobile Meals some ‘like’ love on facebook.

Alison gave us the facts about Mobile Meals in our area:

Sixteen months ago, the 9500 sq ft. preparation facility was destroyed.  Up until three weeks ago, they prepared nearly 1800 meals a day in a 1200 sq. ft. kitchen.  Nine hundred of those meals are delivered to regular participants of the program in our county.  Of those 900, about 350 are subsidized by government funds- local, state and national.  Yes, your math is correct. That means the remaining 550 must come from private donations.

And yes, that other thought is correct.  No one is getting rich up in there.

In addition to a hot meal, seniors also get a contact with another person.  Not only is it good for their safety, as volunteers routinely arrive to find a participant in distress due to a fall or health concern.  It’s also good for their psyche.  And Alison is always looking for volunteers.

Meals are delivered on Thanksgiving and Christmas and “shelf stable” meals are delivered for other holidays and in case of bad weather forecast.

not to cool to read printed materials

It is extremely affordable to sponsor a senior for a week or a month. There are also non monetary ways to share like volunteering time and making cards for birthdays and holidays.

Alison has incredible passion and commitment to her job, and we were stoked after hearing about Mobile Meals.

We were able to sponsor a senior for one month.  So we did that and got out of town so Alison could go back to work.  She took about half an hour with us, and they were literally coming to find her.

It was awesome.

This morning,

Dramatization of Actual Events

we got up early and slammed out the front door.  My space trouble in this house is well documented.

Boxes for Clothes and Shoes

We delivered two big boxes of clothing and shoes to:


Then, having been bitten, if you will, by the bug.

We stopped by to see some old new old friends who helped us to bring home our son.

The agency that provided our adoptive home study, also provides foster care, training for foster parents and services that help keep families together.  Just how can we bless those who bless families and children in our area?

Of course.

Professional driver on a closed course. Do not attempt.

That’s right.  Sweets for the sweet.  To thank them for giving.

It counts.

I learned:

–There are a lot of ways to give that don’t show up on the grid.  I thought of a hunnert projects that wouldn’t have qualified for #GivingTuesday.

–It is easy to find an organization that has tremendous needs.  They are literally at my doorstep.

–It doesn’t take a lot of money to participate.

–This should be a regular part of our lives.  My kids were really slow to warm up to the idea of giving.  I understand, because I was doing what I should but felt weird like we wouldn’t have enough if we shared.

The truth is if we don’t have gratitude and contentment, what we have is never enough.

This was the first #GivingTuesday.  After we left the adoption agency, we had an eye doctor appointment.  On the waiting room TV, CNN was covering #GivingTuesday.  I’m not gonna lie.  I wish the next one was #NextTuesday.

Did you participate?  Will you plan to next year? What are your favorite giving activities?


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