Wordful Wednesday: Goes to the Fair

It’s like freaking magic.  I wrote a post about looking for hobbies and then had to go to the fair.  The geometry class is required to attend the Lego team build at the fair.  It was held in the “Home Arts” building, where the best part of all the “other than food” competitions are held.  We were there a long time.  It was a small fair.

Ground me long enough and I’ll do anything to get out of the house.  She did it because she could.  She volunteered, having never paid any attention to the Legos we bought when she was 5.

The waiting gave me time to explore the hobbies.

Words fail, really.

This is actually a breast cancer fundraiser.


Not feeling it.

Isn’t she beautiful? The judges thought she was only worth 2nd place.


As long as you’re aiming for the stars.


Yes, you are seeing a crocheted monokini.

Please, don’t miss the blue ribbon for the set.  I think there are a freak or two passing out ribbons at the fair.


These guys didn’t have a lot of interest in the crafts.  So, we went to see what else was out there.

If only there was smell-a-vision…

Italian sausage sold by actual Italians.

Do NOT mess with Texas.

Having never been to the fair before, Smalls was non-plussed by the livestock building.  All of the cows; all of the manure.  He was genuinely upset.

Cow hogging the fan.


My son’s favorite thing in the livestock area.


Um, wait. What?

I made peach preserves last month because I like them.  I didn’t know  there were prizes.  I mean, on some level, I did.  But at a Dorothy and Toto, kind of level.

It was a regular fair.


Does the seething rage come through in the photo?

The Zonkey was a completely inappropriate choice for the petting zoo.

“Hey, Zonkey, stop showing your a….ttitude leaves something to be desired.”

Yes, that’s me, going for the low hanging fruit joke.

And he’s talking to you.


AND you.

The guy in the red shirt and his date?  Totally laughing at me making my kids stand by the sign.

We actually have a regional fair, where when I was growing up, we had a State fair.  And I’ve been to the Texas State Fair.  Good memories.

Do you have a fun fair memory?  Share.

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  1. Holy moly! There is nothing attractive about the backside of a cow…hilarious!

  2. I love the looks on their faces in those photos. They are totally over you and the camera. LOL

  3. Hmmm….it seems that the booth with the crazy pink clothing stuff is helping people prepare for Burning Man.

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