Wordful Wednesday: Pinterest Eyebrow Tutorial

The girls got their eyebrows waxed at the beauty college yesterday.  I’m not willing to mess them up.


If you are here for help with your own eyebrows,..


I’m talking about this guy.

There was a picture here, I found on Pinterest.  Turns out, I cited the wrong source.  It would have been so cute.  But wrong.  This post was way funnier with it, but if someone sues us we’d be homeless.


The swagger.  Confidence.  You can just tell, he’s all like, “Hey, Gurl…”

I thought this dog…

Before: low self-esteem

…could use some of that.

I proceeded to follow her through the house in an embarrassing display of co-dependence.

trying to look inconspicuous

can’t hardly look at herself in the mirror

I finally had my lovely assistant grab her by the neck lure her over with food.

We gave her a confidence building makeover and tamed created some eyebrows for her.

after: less low self-esteem


Our conclusion:  the jury is still out on this female dog and her makeover, but we are she will get a boost in confidence from her beauty makeover that will help her remember to stay off her back.

It probably won’t.

We highly recommend giving your dog eyebrows, because dogs are for laughing at and you can sharpen the pencil when you are done.  It is a good activity for children to do indoors when it is a hunnert and fry degrees outside.

Also, probably stop by No Way Girl.com.  It looks like a fun site.

Happy Fourth.

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p.s. the quality of the photos around here, may begin to change.  Someone told me to check and see if Best Buy was open today. Squee.



    Oh, God this hurts!!! That first picture of “Hey Gurl” (which I might add is PERFECT!) is my favorite ever. Well, it WAS until I got down to YOUR dog!

    That is just too much…sweet thing, I just wanna hug her.

    I swear to you this is the funniest thing I have read in freaking AGES!!!

    • We keep forgetting we did it and she will come around a corner and we’ll go, “OH! Crap!” She is silly as can be.

  2. I will be honest. At first, I thought they were real. Not kidding. They look hilarious so I was really hoping they were. I guess dogs don’t have eyebrows though really. A girl can dream, right?!

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s awesome.

  4. OMG – you showed those beauty school girls, for sure!!!

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