Writer’s Workshop: Only Ten?

Mama Kat knows me too well.

I just love “Farm Food”.  Someday I hope to live on the farm again.  Until that beautiful dream becomes a reality there’s always…


1) I love the way you taste, Reduced Sodium Grocery Store Label.
2) I love the way you share your good taste with everything you touch.
3) I love the magic that happens when you bring out the best in our shy friends, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and toasted white bread.
4) I love the humility with which you adorn the side of the breakfast plate, allowing eggs, hash browns (scattered, smothered, and covered), and orange juice to shine.
5) I love that you have supported the humblest souls, the poorest of our forebears through lean times.  That if I were less lazy, I might research which of the greatest men and women of our Nation’s history may have been brought up with you as a cornerstone of the provision they received.
6) I love that you are a part of my earliest memories of early mornings.  The best part of being an early riser, was having Grandma and Grandpa to myself.  I climbed up to the breakfast table to oatmeal, and toast.  And there you were.  Grandma prepared you. Grandpa served you. You, in turn nourished my small body, because they fed my little soul.
7)  Fat is an important part of the diet, for the nervous system, the skin and hair, and digestion.  You give me all the fat I need, and more. I just love that.
8)  Thank you.  So much.  Whenever you are in the kitchen, you leave the best part of yourself with us.  You give seasoning to several ethnic dishes we love, giving a richer flavor than the clear “better” oils.
9)  There is something to be said for a food that doesn’t argue its innocence, but proudly stays true to who it is.  Apologize to no one.  You are historic, common, delicious.
10)  I would eat you on a train, in the rain, in the car, at the bar, with a mouse, at Waffle House. I pledge allegiance to Bacon, O’ glorious breakfast meat!!!
I am not comfortable with how much I enjoyed writing prompt #2 “Ten Reasons Bacon is Awesome” for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop


  1. Also bacon is decidedly American. At least our version. No one makes bacon like we make bacon.

  2. Mmmmm bacon. *drool*

  3. This just made me hungry!

  4. We share a love of bacon! Popping in from Mama K's! Gonna hang around for a few, and read some more!

  5. I do looooove bacon … not the clean up around the stove from cooking bacon, but eating bacon? Yes, please!

    Visiting from Mama Kat's 🙂

  6. Bacon makes everything taste better, hilarious and oh so true!

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