You Say Tomatoes; I Say Little Dogs

The other day, a friend and I went to Panera. (I know, so cliche’, but to get to someplace cool there’s all this parking and walking.  So.  No.)  On the way back to her house, there was a gal walking two little dogs.  I had to look.  I had to stop my car and look..

It was then I realized my own truth.

Little dogs are for me like breasts are for men.

Dana laughed like I was joking.

I’m not.


1) I lose my train of thought when I pass a little dog.

2) I can’t not look.

3) I’ve been known to turn the car around and go for another look.

4) Unless I am with my husband.  He probably would feel humiliated turning the car around so I can look at a little dog.

5)  Sometimes I make eye contact with the owner and smile.

6) Or if driving, I might roll down the window and verbally affirm the attractiveness of the dog.

7)  I like all little dogs. I don’t think, “Since I only like Dachshunds, I’m not looking at that Parson Russell.”  (I am aware there are big dog people, as well as cat people.  I respect their beliefs, and I’ll look at their pets, but I know who I am).

8)  I have a pair of little dogs at home that belong to me.


9) I can look at them, talk to them, hold them, bury my face in them or cry on them, pretty much whenever I want.

10)  But that does nothing to stop me appreciating other little dogs.  Whenever I see them.

I’m still thinking about a little Cairn Terrier Mix we saw on the way to Target the other day.  He was just sitting up in the yard watching the master bust a stump.  Grinning from ear to ear.

How about you?  Shoes?  Handbags?  Civil War Memorobilia?  Birds?  Can you help it?  Or is it who you are– the way God made you and intends for you to be?


This post is another in the Driven To It Rant that this blog has become.

My husband didn’t exactly dare me to post this.  But he reviewed it before publication.  But it had made him think about t.d.s, so he may not know I asked beforehand.






  1. Little dogs are for me like breasts are for men.

    It was at THAT part I started giggling.

    Then by #5 I was howling!

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read in ages…and my Lord, SO true!!! I love it!

  2. jwilliams057 says:

    I don’t think I like anything the way men like boobies. And now I’m a little sad about that.

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