A Little Shift


The road has taken a new turn.

I’m writing a page on the blog to deal with some things that I really have no other place to discuss, and which may attain some value, later on.

It’s not easy, but I write until I hit the wall, then I stop, until I can go again.

It’s definitely helped me set down a burden and given me more perspective.

But the amazing (real amazing; not “this-poached-egg-is-so-amazing” amazing) thing that’s happening is that it’s like God is reading it and responding to it in the events of my life.


Almost invisible, tiny things that burst on my consciousness and heart as so loving, so intimately personal from him; even when I’m weighed down with my worries and inadequacy, I know He’s hearing.

This is a vast improvement from the silence that had endured for several weeks.

I’ve read that when God is silent, it is because He trusts us to handle it.

That’s not Bible.

God hasn’t always been as silent as I thought, I just wasn’t tuning into Him.

Not this time.

There has been a silence.

Now there is a still, small voice.



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