A (nother) Break In the Action

All this week and last weekend when I was feeling like some sort of ancient scribe carving my notes in stone.  Or Al Bell screaming into the box with the cord.  Or like a Native American sending up a smoke signal.  I had this crazy feeling that something outside me was interfering with my getting at what I needed to do.

Little nit-picking details to major drama.  I wanted just a minutes quiet to process ALL the new information that I gained at Blissdom into something usable.  That still hadn’t happened at bedtime on Monday.

I was tired and already dreading a full week of doctors appointments for me and the Small Fry, when it happened.

I felt a lump.

No, not a lump.  It felt like I had a super ball in there.  It’s freaking giant.

It wasn’t necessary to alarm anyone.  This is the wrong “phase of the moon” to check.  I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled, anyway.

I want to be writing about the future and all it holds.  About how much I learned and how I expect it to change my life.

The doc said it doesn’t feel like cancer. Great.  Because I don’t feel like having cancer.

The American Cancer Society was a sponsor at Blissdom.  Did I stop by their booth?  I can assure you; I did not.  A mistake I won’t make next year.

I don’t smoke or drink or stay up late.  I don’t technically have a family history (apparently, Aunts don’t count to docs.)   I do have stress.  I don’t exercise.

God doesn’t owe me.

I wanted to freaking do a Wordful Wednesday post today.  With a lot of cute photos of me painting the town a conservative taupe.  As it is, I am asking for prayer.  I am too busy to visit that place.


  1. "Great. Because I don't feel like having cancer." Exactly. I don't feel like you having cancer either.

  2. Sending prayers. xo

  3. Wow.

    And yes. Prayers it is. Lots of'em, too.

    So, what's next? You know I gotta know.

    Love, darlin'…love.

  4. Sending prayers your way. xo

  5. Sending good thoughts your way, my dear. 🙂

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

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