An Open Letter to My Pinterest Boards

Dear Pinterest,

There comes a time in every young life when we have to face the cold hard fact that we cannot live off our family forever.  Yes, we must earn our keep.  Mom and Dad for example, may be happy to have us occupy our same room that they brought us home to from the hospital, but when we reach a certain age, it becomes, how do I say?  Entitled, Presumptuous, Neurotic, or just Lazy.

Similarly, a good employer may realize that employees must take a certain amount of time off.  They need caring for.  Personal leave, coffee breaks, and periodic parties are ways they show us they care.  Because they do.  But in return, they expect a certain amount of actual work.  Productivity.  Applied skills.

Which brings me to my point, Pinterest.  You’ve consumed resources long enough without giving back.  You are enjoyable to hang out with.  Good looking, Funny and smart.  But.

The time has come for you to “sing for your supper”.  As such, you will need to begin to show up.  With the beauty tips.

30 Beauty Tips

And the Fitness information.

And the blogging, homekeeping and organizational noise.

Yes, I believe you have all the information you need.  And clearly, you are good at what you do.

However, it has come to the attention of the administration that you are an under-utilized resource.  While reluctant to label you “all promise and no product”, it has become necessary to put you on notice that effective immediately, you will begin to serve management according to your job description as understood and implemented by management.  In colloquial terms, you have just become my…*ahem*… Administrative Assistant.

See you at 8.  Don’t be late.  I like my coffee black.


  1. I think Pinterest is a Civil Service position. It can sit back, do as it likes and never be fired.

  2. jwilliams057 says:

    Yes, but don’t you have to actually DO the things it tells you to do for it to work? That’s my problem. The doing.

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