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     It is SO hard to name things.  Not kids, you just meet them and they just feel like a Bill or a Ruth*, right?  Titles are what is really hard. To be original, to be edgy, then you think you are clever and Google yourself and find out that spelling and caps just the way you have it, there are 300 other people already using your title.  I have done this twice.
     I can stand around talking with my husband or friends and turn a phrase like Seinfeld.  Let me sit down and deliberately try to be clever, and I am lost.
      In this case, I just treated it like any other idea, and searched to see if there was any cleverer words to use.  There wasn’t.
      Whenever we make a large scale decision, we think it is the right thing to do.  Small scale, the little decisions add up to your life.  In the end, all the decisions, big and small, lead to the place of “where God wants you to be.”  In other words, do it the easy way, or do it the painful way…you won’t disrupt His design.  I am not loving this.  We are on the path we have chosen, and we will end up where He wants us to go.  We’ll be on the path longer and it will be bumpier.  We haven’t missed on the big decisions.  The daily life decisions have been steeped in laziness, selfishness and immaturity.  Enough self recrimination.

     The economy has kicked us in the butt.  My husband still has his soul stealing job.  For which we are grateful, but the way they have kept the doors open is through salary reduction and “sabbatical”. Without God’s protection up to this point, we would (and may yet) be living with…
     Extended family…the price for participation has always been ours to pay.  If we don’t call, no one does.  If we don’t visit, no one does.  Except my mom.  Who takes me apart psychologically, like a good mechanic takes apart a transmission.
     We live in “The South”.  Everyone has shoes and you can get a decent meal, but we are unreconstructed in terms of our thinking about skin color or special needs.  We don’t have that good “master race” look. We just brought home a little boy from China in October.  He has a cleft lip and palate scar.  People stare.
We used to live somewhere else.  We are all still desperately homesick.

So.  I am choosing to believe.  Not that I will get my way, but that it is all a part of a bigger design. 

Any resemblence to the name of anyone else’s book, band, or blog is purely coincidental.

*Bill & Ruth’s was a sandwich shop in the town where I went to college.  I got all tangled up trying to find names that weren’t referring to people I know.


  1. I have been there. It is so hard sometimes to understand that He always has a bigger plan for us, and that our ways are NOT His ways. And that sometimes His ways won't make sense. I am slowly learning myself to lean on Him and to "let go and let God", but it's a tough lesson to swallow.

    God has blessed you with such a joy in your new son, and has made him perfect in His image. By the way, I love cleft lips. I think they give a face such wisdom and character!

    Thanks for stopping by today! I really like the message in your blog, and I can't wait to read more! God bless!

  2. We currently live in The South, too, though am not from down here. People and things that are different to them, they have no tolerance for.

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