Cousins Are Where It’s At

Since the weekend, I have known that dear blog friend, Jennifer’s, cousin Dalton was seriously injured in a four-wheeler accident.  She has asked for prayer for all the family and the doctors and the details.  We are praying.  And God is answering.

I have cousins.

They are the siblings I don’t have.  Even my cousins who have brothers and sisters say we are more like sibs than cousins(or maybe cousins are just supposed to be like this and it is one of the things our family did right).

If this had happened (and if they called me), I would be as concerned as Jennifer is about Dalton.  If any of these people’s kids, I would want to be called on to pray.  I would want God to hear us cry out.

I would consider it a profound privilege to intercede for the healing of my cousins’ babies.

Jennifer is an online friend.  And an IRL friend.  No need to ask that silly question here.

Please jump over to her post @Momma Made It Look Easy to get the details, and join us.


  1. Thank you!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm praying for him and his family.

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