Day 4: In Which She Hits The Creative Wall…

It was inevitable that the Fall Back Into Blogging Challenge would end up here…



*hangs head*


Fortunately, there was an addendum, most likely written by someone familiar with my blog, “Or share what you’re eyeing on Pinterest.”

SO.  This is where you score.

I was wearing Pinterest out long before I read today’s assignment.

For this, I am ready.

First off,  Tailgating:

This is actually a recipe I pinned myself.  It’s our preferred Super Bowl feed


via: Pinterest

I originally found it at Taste of Home.

Then you need a little something to bring to a potluck…

via: Pinterest

This Corn Salad is Mickey’s unrivaled favorite thing I have ever made.  It’s easy and makes a ton.  I’ve been making it for about 16 years.  It also came from Taste of Home.


Perhaps, you need a signature dish.  Something to fall back on when you are going to that party that doesn’t mean to be a strangely competitive event, but let’s be honest.  It is what it is.

Don’t blink.

…and make this.

via: Pinterest

Crafts wise…  I have always wanted to be craftier than I am. I wonder if there are others like me who always craved creatvity and a certain utility but it always remained just out of reach.  Recently, I started seeing my Pinterest searching in a more deliberate and personal way.  I am searching for a hobby.  A good candidate for Fall?:

via: Pinterest

Which is pinned from Attic 24.  I’d never have found it on my own, but through Pinterest, I found her engaging voice, easy on the eyes design, and clever tutorial.

Of course, I am tempted to try all manner of dollar store crafts, but haven’t decided on a good first go.  Fall is a great time to craft for Christmas.  Maybe this will be my year.

A Day Late and a Craft short for Falling Back Into Blogging…I don’t know if it will count, but I really wanted to get in on recipes and crafting.

I would love a new friend on Pinterest, too…




  1. Yum! Hopped over from SITS! I’m not the craftiest either..but I LOVE to cook 🙂 Love that HUGE sandwich!

  2. PInterest is the best! I bopped over from SITS and now I’m off to follow you on Pinterest!

  3. Tailgating! I’ve never done it – but that sandwich looks perfect for the occasion!

  4. My signature dish is creampuffs from Costco. They’re delicious and always get eaten. The last time I priced out a “simple” recipe on pinterest, the ingredients cost more than the creampuffs, so I am sticking with them for now.

  5. The food looks yummy and better late than never! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

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