Excuse Me, But Do You Have The Time?

To do something fun and friendly?

My friend Sam is in his last year of vet school.

He is the oldest of five children.

He has spent the last six years anyway, busily working away at becoming not just a vet, but a man.

He was on the team that went to India the year Mickey went.

He helped me figure out what was wrong with Low Self-Esteem Dog’s eye, when she tried to take it out herself.

He is seemingly unaware of his eligibility as a bachelor.

He is trying to win a weird prize.

An portable ultrasound for large animal use.

Glamorous, right?

Well, here’s the deal.

It’s a video entry and will be decided by votes.

He is the only student in the competition and most of the people I know, know him.

Except here.

If you wouldn’t mind stopping by and casting your vote, he would be so very thankful.

His is the last entry and it’s awesome as Sam is.

By all means, if you need to watch all the videos, feel free, because I want you to vote your conscience.

Because loving your friends is loving your friends IRL and Blog.  Right?



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