First Time is a Charm

Uh, no.  That is not quite right.  There has to be a first post for every blog.  It is uncomfortable.  You have already written a little “About Me”, and there is no context of previous conversations or on-going blog relationships to springboard into the conversation.

I became acquainted with blogging in 2009.  I became addicted, for a short time, to other people’s blog lists.  In this way, I discovered a LOT of variety and found out what a ‘niche’ was(other than where Jesus’ Mom sits in Grandma’s church).

I got my own blog, sort of an adoption-y thing. I met a lot of great people, whom I admire greatly and hope to be like, someday.  In time, I found out that blogging was what I liked, and adoption blogging is like anything else women do together.  Eventually, the mean girls with all the cash have the best gear, and they only hang out with people who have the gear or better hair than they do.

What I really love is the conversation.  I love getting together with friends and making each other laugh.  Every day.  Not just on a girls’ weekend where we all say, “We should do this more often.”

My best friends, have told me to write.  Blogging has afforded that daily “pull” and “push”.  It “does good like a medicine”*.

Why the new blog?  Fresh start? Maybe. Freedom to have a good time blogging on topics other than adoption? Maybe.  Expand my skills.  Maybe. Need someplace to be freer to be myself.  Stuff to say that adoption people are not looking for?  To be sure. Maybe I just feel led.

At any rate, I got through the first post.
*I kind of borrowed that from the Bible.  A joyful heart does good like a medicine. It is where I am going with this.  


  1. Found your blog through Parenting by Dummies' "NKOTBlog list"… I just read all of your posts and have one thing to say.

    KEEP ON WRITING because you are wonderful!

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