Friday: More or Less

If you were to do a historical review of this blog, you’d find nearly thirty-six posts referring to my friday school co-op child care imprisonment barter arrangement last school year.  This year I opted to pay for the tuition in classes I could and am only working for one of the girls instructors.  The one whose class cost more.  Who bring nicer children.

I will have the little girl on a perhaps twice/month basis.  I won’t have the boy until possibly next semester.

Sounds great.

Until last night when I receive an email.

The little girl might be there.  The little boy will, but not until the second hour.  Is that okay?

While I am responding that it’s fine, I get an email that the little girl definitely won’t be there, but that the little boy will definitely be there, but not until the second hour.

After ten p.m. the night before, I am finding this out.

Of course, I want to serve the teacher well in exchange for the teaching she’s giving and the lovely influence she has on my daughters.

But I realized in a moment that, until 10 p.m. on Thursday nights, I have derived no benefit of a nearly free morning.  I can’t make an appointment or plan an activity for Marcus and I, until 10 at night.

I just clicked back over to email and found that she emailed me at 11:25 and said, “He’s not coming after all. You’re free.”


If I had made a plan based on what I thought was going to be the schedule, and gotten that info before five, I would have cancelled my plans.  If I had made a plan and then received it as I did, I’d have stewed all night and not slept.  I might not have checked my email, and not been available.

Now, of course, I will check my email.

But we are going to have to have a boundaries discussion.  Not just mine, but these are children she keeps.  If she is doing that to me, they are doing it to her.

At least, I don’t have to do it this morning.  Dude and I are hitting Panera. Hard.

Then…paying bills, grocery shopping, and maybe the library, maybe the park.



  1. jwilliams057 says:

    Boundaries discussions are important.

  2. Boundaries. The very first think my therapist and I discussed. I realized I had none when it came to others. I just let them use me like a door mat.

    Then I learned how to not let that happen. And it made a huge difference in my day. Huge. Can’t even begin to tell you how much being in control of YOUR time makes a difference.

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