Friday: Week in Review

…Monday at co-op the girls got their play in Theatre.  For some reason the class isn’t called Drama, as it was when I was in high school.  Perhaps, it’s because ‘drama’ can now mean anything from a little dog with an injured eye who won’t stop crapping all over your house to a bunch of little girls fighting over what one of them is wearing in her hair.  Not that these are examples from real life or anything.

Tuesday, it rained.  Not a lot got done.  Oh.  Some men came over to pray for my husband specifically and us in general.  Some of the problems about which I groused prior to the break are ongoing.  We have gotten to the point of simply not knowing what we are supposed to do, but it would be not know purpose if we did, because we have no strength.  They prayed.  Reminded us that God doesn’t owe us an easy life.  Shared about how they have gone through times of not understanding the way God moves.  I am numb.  I just hope everyday that God gets that I can’t even have a spiritual thought.  I am not mad with Him, but I don’t want anything but to be able to buy food and pay the bills and not have my husband demoralized.  He came home early last Friday, because he had worked all night.  But he NEVER comes home.  So before I got to him, I prepared myself for the possibility that he either flipped someone off and walked out, got fired by his ~ahem~ moody boss, or the place closed its doors.  Puh.  My only feeling.  Relief.  Didn’t need to call on that emotion.  He was just coming home to sleep.

I know it is unspiritual of me, but I made spaghetti and the sauce came out particularly well.  The guys arrived ten minutes early and I had to wolf it down and felt a little bent about missing out on the “relax and taste the food protion of the meal”.  It’s the blog.  I am bearing my soul.

Wednesday.  Not a super day.  Fast Bean Soup for dinner.  Children acting like this is Club Med.  Thought they were heading out to church without addressing the enormous laundry pile, making a bed, unloading the dishwasher, picking up their bathroom…not even cleaning just putting stuff where it belongs.  Oppressive and unrealistic mother that I am.

Thursday.  Seriously, the girls have been avoiding Algebra (more normal behavior, what shall I do?).  I am now working every problem.  I have lost the solutions manual.  If they have ideas they are welcome.  I have pointed out that this earlier material is stuff they do in their heads.  They know better than to ask me when they will ever use this…  Puh.  You are using it to get out of high school, Cookie Baby.

There was track practice last night.  I invented a sort of cheeseburger casserole thing.  It worked.  There wasn’t enough. Then Mickey had to get ready for a 5:25 men’s meeting this morning.  We went to bed at midnight and his wristwatch alarm woke us at 4:00 a.m.  Part E.

Which brings us to today.

You would think with a week like this one, that there is no way the week can rise above.

You’d be wrong.

He talked to them.  Who?  None other than a one {Joe Friday}.  Came to find them.  Because I have given them careful instruction that if they don’t act all knocked out by him, this individual is going to come over to find out why.

There ya go.

It sounds like a really ordinary and possibly very dull conversation took place.  He is funny and gets along well with his mom.  His sister came over and he was embarrassed.  He teased Small Fry….  called him ‘Memphis’.  Dude doesn’t love being called anything other than his name.

The conversation has been re enacted thirty fifty times.  Continuously.  By both Divas at the same time.  Neither listening to the other.  That’s why the details are sketchy at this point.

Seems like, all the reports of his being a rapscallion are greatly exaggerated by anguished young ladies who know him from other classes.  (That sentence earned extra credit because I used two vocabulary words.  Can you find them?)

“He came over and talked to me, I mean us, Mommy.  You were right.”

Yes.  Yes, I was.

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  1. Awww. Sweet girls. So what happens when he only likes one of them?

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