I Need a Drink

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In the discussion of irony and the interest of a certain type of “journalistic integrity” (I love a good oxymoron in the morning), I feel that it is also necessary to point out that Sonic did the something similar to me the day before.

Sonic Sign: 398,929 different drink combinations

Me: May I please have a Cherry Dr.Pepper Limeade?
Sonic Lady: A Dr. Pepper?  What size?
Me: No, I’m sorry.  A Large Cherry Dr.Pepper Limeade?
Sonic Lady: What?
Me:  A Cherry. Dr. Pepper. Limeade.
Sonic Lady: Just a minute.(leaves me hanging)
Sonic Lady: O.K., we can do that.

This lady was clearly old enough to have gotten a drink at Arnold’s Drive-In a drugstore fountain (where I ordered my first CDPLM), obviously considered this to be combination 398,930. And therefore not permitted.  Thank goodness for the person with the calculator who informed her that it was within the scope of the 398,929 claim. And therefore did not involve her personal liability, in the event that the customer received the drink as ordered.

The man-child who delivered my drink pointedly announced to me the delivery of my “Dr Pepper with cherry and lime.”  With a raised eyebrow.

It was delicious.

But sometimes I just want a drink with the good ice in it.  Without a side of crap.

 My hand is empty, Jennifer

What I lack, Mama Kat, is a drink.

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  1. Here Here! I'm all for that!

  2. Great writing… and really, i may go order that during happy hour today because it sounds a little divine… yum…

    Sonic… ugh. love them, and i don't. the twelve year old who manages the one down the street from our house charged my husband $17 for 3 sundaes the other night… and kind of won't fix his mistake. Perhaps he needs to go back to fifth grade math. ha!

  3. Hahaha-thanks for the laugh!! Especially liked the line "without a side of crap".

  4. I'm a straight up Diet Coke or Cherry Limeade girl myself, but I had in high school that always ordered a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper with lime. And yes, I CAN remember that after all these years.

  5. ha you always make me happy that I come and read your posts!

  6. I went to my first sonic last year and found it completely intimidating. You need a sonic tutorial post. Please?

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