It’s That Time of Year Again

We aren’t big Halloween people.

I’m not trying to change you to my way of thinking.  I’m just saying.

This is how we’ve done it, up to now.

We are big Thanksgiving people.

When I was 26 years-old, I did my own full-on Thanksgiving dinner.  And because there were only the two of us in the house, the leftovers lasted at least a week.  (I apologize if you are a “when in doubt, throw it out” adherent.  I know it hurts your soul.  If you’d like some therapy for that, travel in a developing country where the population is out of control and the people wait until fresh meat turns rancid before they eat it.)  It was just like the one when I was a kid.The menu is fixed.  On Christmas Day, it’s the same with the addition of a ham.

Thanksgiving is the official observance, but Fall makes me thankful.

Or rather, something about Fall makes me feel like the solution to all my problems is to “Be still” and know that God is God.  The answer is to focus on what we have.  Not what we lack.  He really has given us everything pertaining to life.*  I am horrible about this any other time, but for whatever reason, I’m significantly less horrible about it now. If I can say that about myself.

Maybe because I want to savor it.  Maybe because that cat is laying under the rocker on the porch and the sun is slanting through the slats of the porch rail that’s so badly in need of paint.  It’s a perfect moment.  If I rush by, the cat will run off and the wind will come up and…it will be gone.

The leaves are heart-wrenchingly perfect this year.  Everything is so beautiful.

We aren’t guaranteed another day.  If we miss the beauty, even of the mundane and the daily, we aren’t guaranteed it will come back again.  This year, I am seeing the pumpkins and mums and sweaters as if for the first time.

Probably, I’m just getting old.

A year ago,We didn’t even know how we were going to have a Thanksgiving and it was a bit of a miracle that Mickey attended a luncheon at which Marvin Windows gave everyone a turkey.  Did you get that?  Marvin.  Windows.

This year, we know I’ll be able to go get a turkey, follow the thawing instructions on the package, and spend 2 hours on T-day trying to get it thawed enough to remove the neck and giblets from the cavity.

Did I say I love the traditions?

I am so thankful. Deep gut thankful.







*and godliness. (I didn’t want to misquote the verse, but my point was when I am worried about life…I am not up to worrying how hard it is to be godly).



  1. It’s not even the first and I’m already looking forward to making a big meal. I think both of the guys in our house are going to have to work that day, but we’ll still have a holiday feast! I’m getting ready to start testing recipes. I call it research and business but the truth is I just love making Thanksgiving type foods!

  2. We’re the same way. 🙂 I feel the exact same about fall. It brings out my “thankful” heart…and every fall I tell myself that the thankful spirit needs to last year round. I have my good days and bad days with that, but the closer you get to God, the easier it is to stay thankful. He has blessed us so much…much more than we deserve! 🙂 Thanks for the lovely post and for stopping by my personal blog earlier. 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

  3. I love the way you said this, “If we miss the beauty, even of the mundane.” It is so true. We are surrounded with reasons to be thankful, reasons to rejoice. Thank you for reminding of this today.

  4. Tradition is important I think- helps to give us perspective, making it the perfect time to be thankful. I hope you have a fantastic fall.

  5. We love your post on Fall and being grateful!! -The Six Sisters

  6. I love the turkey sandwiches for days following thanksgiving even more than the main meal…I can taste them already.

  7. I love Halloween! I have tons of recipes that use up all of the leftover turkey but I still love having “Thanksgiving dinner” for days!

  8. In my family we are partial to Christmas, but I kind of like Thanksgiving the best, too. It’s just about food and family; the December gift-giving frenzy always gets me down. It’s good to be grateful.

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