Kids These Days

You know, I got to thinking this morning about the things we think we want for our children when we don’t have them.

When we become parents, then we find out, not only what we REALLY believe in, but also why Sesame Street comes on in the morning AND the evening.  Even though we, ourselves, would never ever use the TV as a babysitter so much that our bowels knew when it was time for Elmo’s World.

We also learn universally agreed upon truths that people from every walk of life, racial and religious background, every shade and variation of political and socioeconomic point-of-view dream and hope and inculcate into the baby’s thinking from earliest moments.

For example, call it what you like, no one wants their kid to be a yes-man.  A boot licker or a brown noser.

No one wants their child to be the one who curries favor with those who can make their life easier.

Until there’s leftover pizza.

Then, you wonder just exactly why it occurs to no one, to leave a wedge of cinnamon wheel for their Mama.  Because it would make her happy and pliable.  Which is a great state to have your mom in at the beginning of Saturday.  Small price to pay, really.

Then, you wonder why kids these days don’t have a little more ‘kiss ass’ in ’em.




  1. thebusymomsdiet says:

    OMG. I loved this on so many levels. Preach it sister!

  2. This was too funny and yet so true!

  3. i think you’ve identified a basic parenting conundrum here. also, you made me laugh out loud. i can’t tell you how many points my three score just by offering up the occasional almond joy out of what’s left of their halloween haul. (seriously, is that so much to ask?!?)

  4. I’ve found myself saying, “if I could just break her.” Then I slap myself when I realize what that really means.

    • It’s possible you might think it again, when she’s 11 or 12. No, seriously. You’re right. I want them to not be ‘yes-men’ and leave me some freaking leftovers.

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