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The presidential election is bearing down on us in less than eight weeks.  Everyone’s on TV acting like the Republicans have a chance.  Like it’s a race.

I don’t know anyone who’s excited about Romney.  I kinda feel sorry for him.  To be running when we all kinda know.  It’s not gonna happen.

That’s just my feelings.  My politics are different.


1) No one runs for President thinking, “I’ll be friendly til I get in, and then I’ll destroy it and go down in history as ‘that guy’.”

2) Ultimately, we all want the same things. To live life now, plan for the future and have a little something left to enjoy ourselves a little.  My friends who are philosophically at the other end of the continuum, think the order of priorities is different than I do. That’s all.

3) My life is largely determined by what I do with what I have.  Time, money, health, and education.  Who has been president hasn’t made a lot of difference in that.  He can’t make me be wise with what I have.  He can’t prevent me from being irresponsible.

4) When Bill Clinton was elected the first time, I was teaching in a private Christian school.  On Wednesday morning, I had first graders coming into the classroom crying because it was the end of America (If every guy, who did his job pretty well and had time leftover to get up to no good was the anti-Christ, we’d need an internet database to keep up with them all).

Really, Mom and Dad? Really?

Is that what Jesus would do?


(for extra credit: guess why I don’t teach in a private Christian school)

5) A president is more than his stance on my pet issue.  I want the adoption tax credit to be extended.  Some people have sons in Afghanistan.  Some have children who have medical needs that are no longer covered by  insurance.  Some have children with special learning needs and their district doesn’t have enough resources in special education.

What I need more than a president who agrees with me, is a president who displays character and consistency.

I think either political party would be happy for me to vote, based solely on my pet issue as long as I vote for them.

6) It’s not worth it to me to break relationships.  In the end, whomever we elect is not coming over for Thanksgiving and we don’t have to see them every week.

7) I wouldn’t want to be president.  The secrets they have to know.  The burden of making decisions that will change the course of history, right or wrong.  I respect anyone who is willing to take it on.

8) I have only one vote.   You have only one vote.   I respect your right to decide based on lots of study, his or her position on your issue, or his or her membership in your party.  It’s your vote.

9) We live in a privileged country.  With privilege comes responsibility.  My privilege. My responsibility.  We live in a country with a dream named after it.  It’s the dream of freedom to work to become what you want.  And to help others do the same.

10) We are not each other’s enemies.



  1. jwilliams057 says:

    Standing ovation!

    Exactly. We ALL have different issues and view things through a different filter.

  2. Some people really get heated about politics. I see it when I’m with my husband’s family. They fight all the time about this stuff.

    But we all only have one vote and we better use it for what we believe in.

  3. Amen. Amen. Amen. And now I’m going to go watch Swamp People.

  4. I feel like everyone is getting so riled up about the election, and they need you to know who they support so you will support them too! I’m like, relax. Who the president is isn’t actually that big of a deal. It’s the Congress elections people like that should probably be more worried about. I’m more of a conservative, but I don’t think Obama is the anti-Christ. I just know that he’s doing a better job than I would.

  5. I cannot EVEN imagine what it is like to be the President of this country.

    This is a really good post. It made me like you even more… 😉

    I really like this part “What I need more than a president who agrees with me, is a president who displays character and consistency.”

    Yeah, that.

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