One Word: Organize

The essence of Organization, it seems to me, as an outside observer, is decisions made beforehand.  An organized person seems to have already decided things about their lives that I, as a non-organized person, decide on in the moment. Every time.

I’ve often observed that I am a stellar housekeeper in other people’s homes.  Last week, I was at a party and since we are closers, I started helping the hostess clean up.

“Please stop,” she said.

Her husband said, “Don’t tell her to stop.  Why are you telling her to stop?”

Yet, in my own home, I see every task as a decision to be made.  What should I do first?  Am I going to need this again right away.  I was going to re-arrange that area; I don’t have time right now.




It is the same whether we are talking about cleaning or budgeting or feeding the ravening hordes.  Do I want to make spaghetti or soup?  Do I want to pay extra on this one this month or bank it?  Homeschooling?  Same smell.

I have even found a book at the library that confirmed the theory I’ve held for years.   If you remove the emotion, you stay focused on the task.  More gets done.  They are experts in all the attention deficit issues.  Most people are cured when they can find their way out of the emotion.  Can you imagine how mad that would make the pharmaceutical manufacturers?

The reason there is less depression in people who use schedules?  The decision is already made.  They aren’t overwhelmed by every decision depending on them.

Eat at 7.  At the table at 8.  Read for 40 minutes, then switch to math.

Monday is Spaghetti Night.

Our pizzas come from Papa Murphy’s.

Tuesday is Laundry day.

I get up at 5:30.  Whether I’ve slept that night or not.

I go to bed at 10:30.  Whether I see the end of the movie or not.

Chaos is the absence of order.  The fewer things are done systematically, the nearer chaos we live.  If every day is a negotiable, the way we do every task is based on our option to be exceptional and everyone around us is waiting to find out if we are going to show up and do our job, or make excuses why we didn’t.  Leaving others to pick up the ball.

I need to be organized.  I need to let go the emotions of the past.  I need to commit action to the plan for the future.  But that emotion has to not interfere, too.  For there will be days I am not in the mood to think about the future and just want to sleep.  Like today.

It is a matter of survival.  I have been flinching when I hear the word organize.  I haven’t wanted to say it even one more time.  But it’s got to happen.

Right now, today; and for the rest of the year.

The word is organize.

And I am starting at the brain level.

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop happens every week.  Just like clockwork.




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  1. When I think of organize, it overwhelms me. I get all stressed out just thinking about organizing. Papers, documents, the pantry. It is easy to procrastinate if you are a right-brained person like me. But, I have to admit, one year I had “organize” as one of my goals. It surprised even me that I learned to organize, even like, photos, documents and other important papers. I even tackled the file drawer. I get through paper clutter more easily. I’m not afraid to throw away. Getting organized simplifies life! Good luck to you!

  2. This word. It scares me. I cycle between chaos and organize. Chaos overwhelms and pounds me so I hyper-organize to rescue myself. If you figure out a trick to organize at brain level do share. My brain will send you cookies and a thank you note.

  3. There is something about organization and the first of the year. I am not sure if I have a habitual nesting instinct at the beginning of the year or what it is. I just have not been able to keep it going. Growth is my word for the year. I am going to have to put it on the wall somewhere. Good luck darling in your pursuit!

  4. This has to be done in my life and house. I”m buried in papers, calendars, things. So many things.

  5. I’ve been whipping my own house into shape over the last couple of months too. It feels so much better to have things in order!

  6. Oh organization—- I love it and hate it simultaneously!

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