Planning for the New School Year

Yes, folks it’s that time again.  Time to get ready for Back-to-School.

This year, I didn’t have a meltdown.  I was a total newbie, last year.  I learned a lot this school year.  Almost as much as my kids.

1) My mom dropped me off for the first day of school and took her bows at graduation.  In between, she neither asked questions nor offered guidance.

2) Other kids make their parents want to punch them in the neck, too.

3) Co-op classes are a great source of motivation.  Don’t think you need to work for mom?  Excellent.

4)  “The trash comes home.”  The kids are learning to handle life issues — cheating, getting hurt because of others carelessness, knowing a friend is in trouble & wanting to help while still allowing her dignity, respecting faculty when peers don’t– from us.  Not that one girl who once met Daniel Radcliffe.

5)  And the biggie?  Naive little homeschool mom that I am, I thought that all homeschoolers were doing it because they had made a decision that was about the child and what was best for him or her.  Not so.  Suffice to say.  I got “big timed” by a mom who simultaneously reminded me of her book coming out and that she wasn’t going to assist her child with a costume or attend her play, because she was going away for the weekend. And she told the dad he wasn’t to attend either.

6) Don’t do two.  We are ALL SIGNED UP FOR NEXT YEAR.  At one co-op.  The girls will be there all day on Fridays.  Little Dude and I will be on our own.  Two days out of the house was too much.

I am ready to start lesson planning for next year.  As soon as I finish doing the happy dance.

What is your favorite thing about your kids’ school?

Are you ready for summer?

How do you support your kids in their education?




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