PMM: Yes, I Do Too Have Them

I wrote this post and never posted it before I took a little blog break over the summer.  I am linking up today with Pround Mommy Moments at The Daily Dribbles


Last night, my husband got a text begging for people to come out and help to decorate for a wedding.  Mickey and the girls left here just before 8 in the evening and returned around 11:30.  Everyone had been encouraged that the MOTB would be at the church at ten this morning and would accept all the help she could get.


SOME people…who haven’t dragged out of bed until as late as 9:30 in the past four months, were out at 7:15.  To ask if they could go help with the wedding preparations.

Yes, if you get all your chores done.

(Or if you sort of get your chores done.  Because whatever you do will be more than you usually do, and I will drop you off and get to clock out as “fairy wish granter”, and you will be constructively engaged in a real world activity.  Puh.  Try NOT to go.)

Somewhere in the midst of all the choring and checking and unnecessary time spent in last moments of middle school pettiness…I realized how proud I am of my kids.  They can step up. 

I dropped them off as soon as we could get them there.  Their chores were done, and let’s be serious.  We’ve got to get this couple married, here.  Small Fry and I ran errands.  Then we swung back by the church gym to them up.  The Bride saw me coming down the hill and stopped to thank me for sparing the girls today.  Her mother stopped and hugged me and thanked me and a distant relative thanked them profusely.


Don’t thank me.  I didn’t have anything to do with it.

The gym looks…not like a gym, really.  If you squint.  But still really nice.

~it looked amazing by the time they were finished.~


  1. That is so awesome. How great that they came together and worked so hard on something like that. You have every right to be amazingly proud of them!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That is because you have amazing girls.

  3. Now that is a PMM! If only kids could always be so excited about cleaning and helping out around the home somehow.
    Thanks so much for linking up with me and Kmama.

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