Say It To My Face

Dear Face,

I owe you an apology.   I know better.  You look a wreck and it is all my fault.  I could blame the stress, old age or diet.  In reality, we both know it is the crappy makeup and skin care to which I have been subjecting you.  Truth be known, we both feel the difference.

Back in the day, the “gift with purchase” was to me, like Everclear to a sorority pledge.  I had no idea what was going on until my defenses were down and I had no favorite.  I loved everybody– Lanc*me, L@uder and Clini&ue; (sounds like a law firm); everybody was welcome.  I couldn’t wait until the next “Beauty Event” and hung around the mailbox to catch the invitation when it came.  Yet there is not a 12 step program for those who NEED the feel of the good stuff.

No one cares.  It is only you and me, and I am sorry for how badly I have treated you.  I promise to only treat you with the tender loving care to which you are entitled.  I promise never to put that horrid base, that feels like cream of mushroom soup, on you again.  I promise only to call you clean when I have used at least three steps.  Not because Three is magic, but because I want to be deliberate.

Yes, I have read the awesome book.  I know what the author says.  I feel I can make us all happy.  But it may take some time. I am sorry you have been the one to pay the price.  It should have been me.  Please give me a second chance, Face.


What is the best thing you ever did for your face?  What is the worst?


  1. Botox…best thing I ever did. And then the economy hit, and it was the first to go. Obagi skincare, love it,…….the second thing to go. Who knew that an individual could spend so much money on skincare for one area on the body?

    Then the MAC makeup. Loved it… its drugstore. I must admit the skin looks terribly. Blotchy, tired, and less perky these days. But the hubs says it is more important to eat and have a roof over our head….sometimes their priorities are all screwed up! hahah

  2. I'm too cheap to buy the good stuff. All my skin care and make-up products are drug store crap. Except for the ProActiv cleanser that I've tried to stop using several times, but every time I do bad things happen. If I had the $$$, I would try Meaningful Beauty products that Cindy Crawford endorses. She looks amazing. The best thing I've ever done for my face is sunscreen. Hope you and your face can kiss and make up! 🙂

  3. The worst? I never, ever take my makeup off at night. I know I'll pay for it one day.

  4. I've attempted to wash my face many time before using more than 1 step. It's only ever lasted maybe 3 days straight. Then I went to my old ways of passing out at the end of a long day with my make-up still on. The dermatologist would have a heart attack.

  5. The best thing? Marrying my husband, who loves my face to remain natural so the freckles shine through (he's twisted). The worst thing? When I was younger I slept with my make-up on all the time.

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