Spring Break ’12

…to observe my lovely daughters, has been going on for sometime while they read the lowest brand of literature I will allow in the house.  Seriously, ick.

The weather is beautiful.

Standardized testing for my homeschoolers is done.

We have received our income tax return.  Thank God.  No really.  I mean.  Thank. God.

I just came back from a retreat in the mountains.  It was my privilege to attend this same retreat for a second time.  It was good great again, but for different reasons.  I met new gals and that is the best thing.

I figured out what to do about the girls and math for the next year.  Ha Ha.  Be glad you are not the one who has stared at me blankly all year when someone said, “Algebra.”

We are visiting a new co-op this week to observe, because we’re only doing one next year.

We went shopping for Summer Toys (chalk, bubbles, wiffle ball, flip flops, etc.). You know what you can’t get anymore?  Jacks.  I can’t even find the stupid plastic ones.

I have checked out the movies at the $2 theater.  There are 6 movies I could take the kids to.  For about the same money as one trip to the regular movies.

Right now, I have no plan but to wait for the plumber who was supposed to come yesterday but didn’t show.  The up side.  I get to re-schedule my annual.  That, my friends, is a break!

It’s Spring.

And we are all about to get a break.


  1. I loved jacks. I wonder why they don't make them anymore. I bet you could find them online somewhere.

  2. I wish we had a $2 theater. We never go to the movies anymore as a family because it's like half their college tuition for a family of 5. Hope you have a wonderful spring break. We have a ton of snow on the ground here in Oregon. Kind of puts a damper on outdoor escapades. Oh well, more time for catching up on my favorite blogs. 🙂

  3. A $2 movie theater?? Wow. There's one here that I am spoiled going to. They have a full menu and so now it's tough to settle for just stale, overpriced popcorn when I go.

    Silly Putty. Get the kids (and yourself) some Silly Putty.

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