Super 8: And I’m Not Referring to the Motel

Although.  I’d love a trip out of town.  *cold chill*

You asked for it and you got it, Katherine.


1) blog ideas.  Having them in eye-shot all summer has greatly reduced the teachable moments.  Except the one. I can’t wait to tell you in vivid and graphic language what I cannot say to them.  Er.  Um.  I mean impart to you the wisdom they aren’t ready to receive.

2) someone else leading them to the fount of knowledge. Part of the time.

3) a freaking routine.  We started the subjects the girls will be doing at home and all the boy’s work, July 30.  We were all turning into feral creatures.  Next summer we will join the pool.  Now I know what it’s for.

4)  fall isn’t far behind.  cooler temperatures.  football.  leaves changing.  Playoff baseball. New shows on TV.

5) “bringing home the trash”*  the strange and inappropriate things they bring home– from cheating to bullying to “she did what with her phone”.  We talk it out.  Only, this year they’ve heard enough from me.  It’s going to be quiz time…

6) shopping for lunches. I love getting to do this for my kids. I always had to have hot lunch.  I love buying the individually wrapped items.   I love that the apple and carrot sticks come home.

7) their work load. Productive activity is delicious to them as to any of us.  All play and no work makes Jane a dull person to be around.

8) being alone.  I’d feel bad, but I know they are thinking the same thing.


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*quote by FEB.


  1. I had a party for one when I dropped my daughter off for her first day of school. Getting to miss her all day lets me remember why I like her

  2. I do love the routine school give our lives because I am completely unable to do it on my own. Ditto for schooling. I could never, ever home school. Summer break is wonderful – but a big reason it is wonderful is because it isn’t all year long.

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