The First Ten

After that downer Label post, I thought I would have a little fun…


1) We were created for work, so I would more than likely create a schedule of productive activities; like visiting people in the nursing home who don’t get visitors, attending community events planned to ‘raise awareness’ and volunteering at the animal shelter and the botanical garden.

2) I would dress my dogs up in clothes and enter their photos in contests.

3)  I would travel. Near and far, to historically significant places and cool vacation destinations. I would not let my husband plan these trips, as he inherited the “kill-your-family-with-extra-time-in-the-car-for-side-trips-only-you-are-interested-in” gene from his dad.  He remembers, but makes no connection.

4) I would renovate my house.  I assume if I don’t need to work, what we are really saying is money has suddenly become no object.  I would hired skilled professionals to quickly and expertly complete the task.  I would add a room on the back upstairs, replace the fence, get the exterior painted, move the laundry downstairs, move the half bath and turn the existing half bath into a hallway/butler’s pantry, close up the living room where the stairwell is, and have the obnoxious wallpaper in the dining room done away with.  It goes without saying that I would have the upstairs bath completely re-done and the downstairs woodwork restored.  Then with my newly large and functional home….

5) I would have people over all the time. And feed them.

6) On second thought, I might sell this house and move to the country, get some chickens and goats, and plant a garden.

7) I would start a book club and a writer’s group.

8) I would start working on my competition chili.

9) I would get my haircut regularly and take better care of my appearance because who has time for that now.

10)  I would create very exceptionally good holiday celebrations for my family and friends.  I might put my house on the neighborhood Christmas Home Tour.

I love this post, because it doesn’t have to wait until I don’t have to work.  I just have to have a slower schedule.  Thanks, Mama Kat for prompt #4.

I am linking with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.


  1. We have a lot of the same interests…Visiting from Mama Kat's!

  2. Competition chili? I had no idea.

  3. This post shows that you have a huge heart. That's awesome.

    I don't think you need THAT much time to dress up your dogs. Just forget the contest part and just post them on here for all to see 😉

  4. OMG….my stepdad had the disease you're referring to in number three. And he's Lt. Col. in the Army, so he has this 'superiority disease' too and no one's allowed to complain or say anything about it or he will make your life even more miserable than it already is. I feel your pain!

  5. Man, I need to get a dog. Because I would LOVE to dress one up for photo shoots!

  6. Haha! I think I would do all of those things too! I'd love to move to the country (well, I might not have all of those animals).

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