What’s That Noise?

I’ve had so many questions about the blog.

I have flunked NaBloPoMo big time.

But here is what I learned.

I have four blog addresses,

three identities, and

two facebo*k realities.

Reality isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean.

I think I am going to integrate the blog personalities.  I am not using them all, yet I don’t want to lose them, because they document my journey.

I’ve been working on some posts regarding the parenting of teens.  They are on hot-button topics.  They may become a series.

I am also thinking of figuring out how to go public with this blog on my personal b account.  I haven’t been strategic on keeping it from showing up over there, but the reality is that mostly, no one cares.  It is more vanity on my part.

So I went on Klout today and realized it still showed me on blogger which means my posts aren’t showing in my activity, but wordpress wouldn’t let me change it.

That’s how I realized I am everywhere and nowhere.  It doesn’t take a social media genius to figure out that if I get my instruments all playing the same tune in the same room, they’ll make more music than they do in isolation from one another.

“So here I go again, on my own…”


  1. Yes. You need to consolidate.

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